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Skylights are a part of many people’s roofing system. Although many people may not be experiencing skylight problems when they contact our company for a roofing replacement, we highly recommend replacing the existing skylights.


The average age of the roofs we replace are approximately 14 years old. This means if the customer has an original skylight it is also 14 years old. If the skylight is not replaced during the roof replacement, the potential for skylight failure in the future is present. In 5-10 years after your roof is replaced, the original skylight will be 20-25 years old at that point and surely be in need of replacement. At that point, you will have to remove some of your newly installed shingles to replace skylights, which could cause potential problems such as color matching and proper sealing of the shingles.

Also, today’s VELUX skylights are much improved in the area of energy efficiency. The VELUX skylights are Energy Star Rated. They will keep valuable heat from escaping in the winter and prevent the hot sun rays from penetrating the home in the summer. You can learn more about Velux Skylights.

We truly believe the best time to replace skylights is at the time of roof replacement.  This will be a great investment in your home’s future!

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