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Common Roof Problems

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Below are some of the most common roofing issues. The issues are something that we can tell you what is is and what cause the issue. Also, we do not believe laying a new roof over an old roof which put too much weight on the structure and any bacteria that is still on the old roof.


5 Most Common Roofing Problems

Ice dams (Ice buildup in winter)
Ice Dam

This is a common problem in winter where snow melts down from the top of the roof and refreezes at the overhangs where the roof is cooler. Water can then back up into your house causing extreme damage. This type of damage can be prevented with a 3-step approach – proper ventilation – proper insulation – proper underlayment under your shingles. Call our professionals today to assess these issues.


Many chimneys were built without what is called a saddle. This is a small roof behind the chimney that sheds water to the sides of the chimney, rather than accumulating in the back. Our professionals can also build a saddle behind your chimney to solve your chimney problems.


Your roof may have several areas that have “flashing”. These are pieces of metal or other materials used to prevent the seepage of water around any intersection of projection in your roof. Examples: chimneys, valleys, pipes, or vertical walls. These flashings can deteriorate over time and cause roof leaks. Our professionals will replace all your flashings during your project.


Siding and windows may also have gaps that contribute to roof leakage. These areas of your home will also be inspected to ensure your home remains protected from water damage.

Preparing the Roof Deck

Upon removal of your shingles, your plywood needs to be fully inspected to replace any necessary damaged roof decking.

Importance of ODE

Drip Edge – commonly referred to as “ODE” is a critical element in your roof installation, allowing water to be shed away from your roofs edges.

Starter Course

Starter course is the first level of shingle materials specially designed to adhere the first course of shingles to the roof, allowing maximum protection against shingle blow-offs.

Installing Ice & Water Shield “Weather Watch”

An Ice & Water shield is a critical element to prevent water damage to the edges and valleys of your roof. Water seepage and melting result in damage to many roof systems, which is preventable with the installation of Weather Watch.


Valleys are an area of the roof systems where 2 separate planes of the roof intersect. These areas handle a large amount of water volume during rain storm. It is critical that these areas be installed properly during the underlayment installation as well as the shingle installation.

Proper Nailing

It is essential to the success of your roofing system that the shingles are nailed in the designated areas. This is one of the most common installation errors by contractors which lead to shingles blowing off.