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What To Expect

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15 Things You Can Expect From Us:

  1. Getting a new roof is like having “major surgery” done on your home. We want you to feel comfortable with our company so we will go over all job details prior to installation.
  2. When we arrive at your home we will try not to disturb you and your neighbors. We will not be shouting at one another or playing loud music on a radio. FOUL LANGUAGE is absolutely prohibited.
  3. We keep company vehicles in top shape. No vehicles will be pulling up with loud mufflers or leaking oil in your neighborhood.
  4. We will not park in your driveway. This is your property and we respect that. The only thing in your driveway will need to be a trash dumpster for shingle debris.
  5. We will cover your walkways, bushes, flowers and walls to protect them from damage.
  6. After roof tear-off, a large magnet will be run around your yard to pick up any loose nails.
  7. We will have proper insurances with current coverage.
  8. Our professional roofing license will be up-to-date.
  9. We have a NO TOBACCO policy in our company. No employees will be smoking or chewing tobacco on your property.
  10. We have a NO ALCOHOL policy in our company. No employee will ever possess alcohol near your home.
  11. We will not play music while on your job.
  12. We will not enter your home without direct permission from you if access to the attic is necessary.
  13. Our 10-year service warranty will be in effect upon completion of your job.
  14. All jobs will be thoroughly inspected before final invoice is printed
  15. After serving Central Illinois for nearly 15 years, I will personally stand behind my work and address any concerns promptly.

A few things we need from you:

  • No work without a signed proposal.
  • A $500.00 deposit to be scheduled.
  • Any items in attic need to be covered with plastic covering to protect from dust and debris.
  • A satellite dish or internet system on the roof will be reinstalled by us, but may need to be reprogrammed by you.
  • Cars out of garage so they will not be blocked in by a roll-off trash container.