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Metal Roofing Questions

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Common Questions:
  • Is a metal roof noisy when it rains?
    • Answer: No, studies have shown a metal roofing produces no more noise than standard roofing materials. Once the metal is placed on a roof deck such as plywood or OSB, the vibration is reduced from the metal thus reducing the noise. Furthermore, attic insulation, ceiling drywall and other building materials provide additional noise barriers.
  • Does my current roof need to be removed prior to installation?
    • Answer: The technical answer is no, however, here at Swanson’s Roofing we always recommend removing all existing materials prior to installing any new type of roofing system. This gives us a chance to inspect and replace any damaged roof decking surface. Also, we can install all new flashings properly to avoid potential water problems. Furthermore, a layer of shingles between your new metal roof will retain moisture allowing condensation to be present between the old roof shingles and the new metal roof. This can create additional problems with your new metal roof. Overall, it is much better to remove the existing roof materials and completely install the job correctly!!
  • How much does metal roofing weigh?
    • Answer: A typical metal roof is approximately 1/3 the weight of asphalt shingles. This greatly reduces the weight load on your roof structure.
  • How long will my metal roof last?
    • Answer: The metal system we use is a combination of Galvanized Steel and Aluminum (Aluminum & Zinc coated steel). This will allow the material to last for decades. See: “Common Materials” page. The paint finish is the component of the roof system that has different life spans.
  • How long will the paint coating last?
    • Please see our “Coating Options” page.
    • Your metal roof system paint will be protected by a 40-year warranty.